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Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,


At the Phelps Library, COMMUNITY is our middle name.  A library is a reflection of its community, and thanks to you, yours is a vibrant and innovative center here in Phelps!


It is our goal to continually contribute to the quality and betterment of life here in Phelps.  We work passionately to evolve our library based on your requests.  You asked for additional morning hours?  You’ve got it!  In January 2017, we will open every day, Monday through Saturday, at 10am.  Is there a particular movie or book that interests you?  We’ll get it for you! You want to learn more about 3D printing, felting, knitting, woodworking, or virtual reality technology? We teach those classes and more!  We hear you, and we love your ideas.  As 2017 leads us into our newly developed strategic plan (which can be found at, we will continually seek to provide experiences and innovations that will enrich, enhance, and nourish the lives of those we serve.  We are here for you!


Did you know that your fellow community members have learned skills in our STEAM Lab makerspace that have helped them start their own business?  This year, our makerspace received national attention for its community-driven innovation.  Anyone can use the makerspace to design prototypes for their business, develop job skills, or create unique items for fundraisers.  You can bring your children here to learn circuitry or build on our LEGO wall.  Teens can come after school to do hands-on art, science, and technology projects. We teach the programs you want, offer the tools you need, and provide the resources that will help you succeed in your personal and professional life.  


It is because of your generosity that we can provide the resources, workshops, and tools to meet the community’s needs.  Your generosity comes full circle back to you, and everyone benefits as a result.  Today I ask you to please consider a tax-deductible donation to support those Library programs, materials, and services that make our community exceptional.  There are so many in our community that will benefit from your donation!  With your contribution to the 2016 Annual Appeal, we will continue to be exceptional together.  We truly thank you for your support!


With sincere gratitude,  

Leah Hamilton, Library Director


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