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Computer Use Policy and Agreement

The Phelps Library computers are available primarily for research and educational purposes.  The internet is an unregulated medium than changes constantly and unpredictably.  The library is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of information found.  Users are responsible for evaluating information received via the internet.

Rights of Users
Caution:  The Internet is not a secure medium and all transactions, files and communications may be subject to unauthorized access by third parties.  The library, however, respects a patron’s right to both confidentiality and privacy and will not release information on the use of electronic resource by members of the public except as required by law.  Library computers include a content filter.  Since children utilize all computers, users wishing unfiltered access should ask for library staff assistance.

The library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and legal guardians to guide their children’s use of all library resources and we encourage them to do so.  The library complies with the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act by following a number of policies and procedures. 
Information on safe and secure use by minors of direct electronic communications (including email) is available at the library.  It is the parent’s responsibility to discuss these safety precautions with their children.

Prohibited Activities
The Phelps Library is a family-oriented establishment.  Therefore, the viewing of pornography is prohibited. 
Use of the Internet for activities that violate local, state or federal laws is prohibited.  This includes but is not limited to activities such as viewing child pornography, committing fraud, hacking, unauthorized access, or spreading libel or slander.

Rules and Procedures:

Anyone presenting a valid Pioneer Library System card or valid patron number in good standing (no fines or overdue materials) may use the computers.  Exceptions will be made for visitors to the area. Users will be required to sign a Phelps Library Acceptable Computer Use form.  Anyone 17 years of age or under must also have a parent sign his/her form.  Anyone under the age of 12 must have an adult sit with him/her at the computer at all times.

Computers are not reserved and availability is on a first come, first served basis.  Computer time is limited to 30 minute blocks and all patron computers will be turned off 15 minutes before closing. 
Only one person is allowed at the computer at a time (except for those under 12 years old).

Staff Assistance
The library staff is trained to provide limited startup support and will assist as time allows.

Computer Use Restrictions

  • Users may not install any software from disk drives and files downloaded or saved to the computer hard drive will disappear at the end of the day.

  • Users may not make any changes in any program setup or the hard drive configuration.

  • ​Users may not operate outside the approved windows menu.

  • ​Users should immediately report any problems with equipment to the library staff.

  • ​Shutting down or restarting equipment will be done by staff only.

  • ​Users should report anything unusual or strange to library staff.

  • ​Users will be permitted to print as follows:

​1. Black and white pages are 10 cents per page or 5 cents with valid student ID.

​2. Color pages are 50 cents per page


  • ​Copies will be picked up and paid for at the circulation desk

Suspension of Library Privileges
The user is held responsible for his/her activity on the Internet.  Persons who do not abide by these rules may be prohibited from using computers or other library equipment, have their library privileges suspended, be barred from the library and/or be prosecuted for illegal activities. Parents of minors will be notified of any infractions.  Users will be responsible for any damage due to improper use.



Board approval: 2/2012- amended 12/12



Phelps Library Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Form

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Phelps Library Acceptable Use Policy.  I further understand that any violation of this policy may be considered unethical and, in certain cases, may constitute a criminal offense.  Should I commit any violation or cause any damage, I will not hold the Phelps Library responsible for any consequences and understand that my library and computer privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Name (Please Print) _________________________________________________________________

Signature:  ____________________________________________   Date_______________________

Parent or Guardian:

1) Anyone 17 years of age or under, a parent or legal guardian must also sign this agreement.
2) Anyone in third grade or younger must have a parent or legal guardian sitting with him/her at the computer at all times.

As a parent or legal guardian of the above named person, I have read the Phelps Library Acceptable Use Policy.  I agree to accept full responsibility for the conduct of the above named person.  I give permission to the library for my child to use the computers with the understanding that I will be notified should the above named person violate any of the policies.

Parent or Legal Guardian’s Name (Please print)


Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature

___________________________________________________________  Date__________________


Revised August 2005, April 2010, April 2011

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