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Gifts and Memorials

Gifts and memorials can truly enhance the community's experience at our public library, and we welcome your memorial donations.  The Library Director and the Board of Trustees will do their utmost to thoughtfully preserve the memory of your love one while at the same time responsibly enhancing the Library, its collection and its services.


The Phelps Library shall keep detailed records of all memorial gifts listing the donor’s name and address, amount and purpose of any monetary gifts or the titles of books, if appropriate, and the name of person in whose memory the gift is made.

Upon receipt of gifts or memorials, an acknowledgement of the gift shall be sent to the donor and to a family member of the person in whose memory the gift was given.  If books are purchased in memorial of a loved one, a memorial book plate shall be placed in each item purchased.  Though the Library shall take into consideration any personal book requests, final title selections shall be made by the Library Director.  Other purchases from Memorial Fund monies shall be determined by a vote of the Board of Trustees.

Please contact us at 315-548-3120 to discuss your wish to contribute to the Library's future!  Thank you!

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