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Educate     Collaborate    Cultivate     Grow


The Phelps Library provides expert research skills, diverse educational resources, and award-winning classes to students of all ages. Under the umbrella of the New York State Department of Education, the Phelps Library was chartered as an association library in 1973. It is one of 42 libraries in the Pioneer Library System. As a major component of a strong educational system, the Phelps Library delivers equal opportunity through unique and engaging assistance for the benefit of the entire community.

Our Mission:
The Phelps Library enriches lives, fostering lifelong learning, empowering every member of the community with a vast array of ideas and information. 

Our Goals:
EDUCATE:  Enhance the education, knowledge, and awareness of the Phelps community through innovative classes and events.

COLLABORATE:  To increase cooperation & partnerships with local groups and individuals.

CULTIVATE:  To facilitate and provide easy and innovative access to culture of all varieties, especially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math/Music.


GROW: To nurture and vitally enhance the lives of students of all ages through diverse forms of literacy and quality public education.

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